We are JC-Metal, we are mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers dedicated to clamping. Since 1997, we manufacture quality welding clamping tools, which ease work for DIY handymen, skilful craftsmen and the employees of supranational corporations.

Perhaps it is for the reason that the welding process generates flying sparks that many of our customers have also fallen in love with our Siegmund welding and clamping systems for which we are the exclusive supplier in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Precision workmanship, resistance and design leading to maximum efficiency - these are the JC-Metal clamps. Don't make a single weld without them! Our clamps combine long-term experience, constant innovation and the ambition to develop the best clamping tools on the market.



Sometimes, manipulation with welding components is so difficult that even the best manipulator cannot cope. At such moments, our hand-operated and motorised positioners, which allow setting of welded components in the optimal position come on the scene.



More than 10,000 components of the Siegmund welding and clamping systems that can be combined in various ways offer almost endless possibilities for setting up welding jigs. They can be used repeatedly, quickly and efficiently. In short, an aid that does not require arguments.


1) Selection of suitable Siegmund kit components

2) Design of the jig in a 3-D model

3) Installation of the jigs

4) Manufacturing and delivery of atypical positioners including installation

5) Manufacturing of atypical components for welding jigs

6) Supervision of the first series

7) Instructions to the individual sets

8) Technical support, guarantee and post-guarantee service