The static floor with a symmetrically arranged grid enables exact anchoring and indexing of the jig. At the same time, the floor is very variable as well as reusable. It is particularly applicable in companies that require prototyping stations, welding systems and adjustable test workstations. It is also suitable in connection with rotary platforms, painting and other robots, scanners, etc. By placing the handling surface in the floor plane, this system can also be used for heavy and demanding products, for example in the automotive industry.


  • the floor consists of floor clamping plate systems

  • modular parts are used to connect and align standard Siegmund welding tables, which can be assembled into units with a length of up to several tens of meters

  • Like the modular systems, the floor is manufactured in three system hole sizes: 16 mm (System16), 22 mm (System22) and 28 mm (System28)

  • the clamping floors can be assembled above or at the level of the surrounding floor

  • all floor alignment and delimitation systems can be additionally adjusted in height after installation

  • the advantage of this assembly is the possibility of using standard Siegmund welding tables, which together with modular parts for joining and alignment, reduces the time and financial demand on the overall implementation of the clamping floor

  • Depending on the design, several types of surface treatment can be applied to floors, which increases their service life