Clamps RY-UP

The toggle clamps RY-UP are designed mainly for clamping in welding, assembly or measuring jigs. They are characterised by precision design and the ensuing long service life.



Manual and motor-driven positioners that allow easy handling of welded components, their optimal positioning, and hence achievement of the highest precision welds.


Siegmund Welding Tables 

Siegmund Welding Tables with a universal system of clamping elements have a modular design and we offer them in several dimensional series.
Although the entire welding system is designed mainly for clamping during welding, it can also be used in other areas, for instance, for clamping in measuring or assembly jigs.


Strong Hand Tools

A suitable supplement to the JC-METAL products and Siegmund welding tables and accessories are the products manufactured by the company Strong Hand Tools.

The assorted designs of the clamps, magnets and pliers will help you expand your options when solving the issues of setting and clamping various parts.


Alignment clamps TAG Pipe

When it comes to a pipe welding you can find the British alignment clamps TAG Pipe very handy and easy to use. The smart and robust design makes your work fast and more effective. 


Mobile rotary platform for robotic welding 

Universal mobile rotary platform for robotic welding is constructed in order to be installed on the Siegmund steel floor clamping system (or similar) with the appropriate grid of holes.


FARO TracerM Laser Projector

Laser projector FARO projects virtual outlines for welding. Laser lines are created using a CAD model that allows to project the outline of the required parts. It thus eliminates usage of other templates and fixtures.


Disinfectant Dispenser

Disinfectant Dispenser is suitable for public areas, offices and factories.
The surface is comaxited and the colour can be customized. With the robust metal base the dispenser is stable and there is no need for any additional montage.