Universal mobile rotary platform for robotic welding is constructed in order to be installed on the Siegmund steel floor clamping system (or similar) with the appropriate grid of holes. 


The platform consists of a base part with hydraulic lift wheels and a movable part. The Siegmund plasma nitrided welding table is attached to the platform which can be hydraulically lifted and manually rotated around. The functions of the platform are leg operated and controlled by a pneumatically driven hydraulic pump. 

The rotation is manually operated after lifting the rotary part from the locked part. The rotation is possible up to 360°. The platform can be locked in basic positions as well as at set intervals.


The workspace of the platform can be extended with the original Siegmund tools that can be attached to side walls of the platform. The platform is also suitable for Siegmund welding modular kit. 


A supporting frame of the mobile rotary platform allows to fix the system on the Siegmund steel floor clamping system (or similar) with the grid of holes (Ø 28 mm, spacing 100×100 mm). The solution allows the repetitive fastening in the defined positions. Thanks to the wheels the platform can be moved around manually or by the forklift truck. 


Please download the technical documentation here.