Thanks to the sophisticated and flexible Siegmund kit system based on combination of the raster of systemic holes and the extensive set of compatible clamping components, you can implement even the most complicated applications with minimum set-up time requirements. 


The basis of each jig is a quality clamping table. The Siegmund clamping system offers a large number of various weld table dimensions, leg designs and materials, from which you can choose the right table that precisely meets your desire and requirements.


The Siegmund welding modular kit systems are produced in three size series - with holes of size 16 mm (System 16), 22 mm (System 22) and 28 mm (System 28). The large number of standard size Siegmund welding tables are made in all size series, together with a quantity of leg designs and in various material designs, which makes it possible to choose from almost 10 thousand versions, without the need of producing special sizes.


The Siegmund welding tables are plasma nitrided on a standard basis, thus increasing the hardness of their surfaces and making them generally more resistant to wear and also corrosion. 


Choose the accessories for your Siegmund welding modular kit system here.