RY-UP Toggle clamps are designed mainly for clamping in the welding, assembly or measuring jigs. The advantage of the RY-UP quick-couplers is precision design with emphasis on service life.


For all standard models, hardened bearing housings are a matter of course at points of the articulated joint mountings of the lever mechanism moving parts and bolts made of materials resistant to high clamping load. All types of clamps have zinc-plating and plastic anti-corrosion protection, oil-resistant handles with a bright yellow colour that safely help in the differentiation of the clamping levers in the jig.

The clamps can also be made in stainless steel design. Accessories, which further broaden the use of the clamps, are an integral part of the entire range. 

The entire range of RY-UP Toggle clamps from hand-operated to pneumatic, from vertical through horizontal, offers a variegated choice of types, which will help you find a solution for each of your technical tasks.