The clamps are under big pressure. I want to lead by example and show them that you can live differently with more elegance. 


I'm clamping, so am I. This is one of the main slogans of Mr. Upínka, who will appear more often here – on the blog. In addition, Facebook fans are already familiar with him. We are lucky he shared our story with us. You will learn what his life is, what he likes to do in his free time or where he seeks inspiration for his wisdom.

Hello, can you please introduce yourself to the readers?


Hello all, I am a 240 UZ vertical clamp with an ergonomically shaped oil-resistant plastic handle, a one-piece clamping arm, heat-treated rivets and bushes, equipped with a tempered pressure screw with nut and washer. But ever since I first went out among the people, he started calling me simply "Mr. Clamp". I admit, it's a little easier. If you want, you can call me that too. My original name is similar to Mary Poppins famous word. (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, note Ed.).

Good. So, Mr. Clamp, please tell us something about your history.


I first saw the light of day in Vsetín and my birth was unusual. The first thing I saw was not the delivery room but the ceiling of the JC-Metal production hall. I don't have two parents. I have several of them and they include both humans and machines. Everyone gave me some advice. The handle, the rivet, until my whole self gradually formed. And as you can see, they paid special attention to me, which makes me really well built.



And how did you actually get to your job? What is its content?


It may be immodest of me, but I was just destined for it. My work has been my greatest passion since birth. It simply clamped. I don't do anything else during work. I don't even move - fast, accurately, safely - so I am. That is my life credo. I just grab something, I won't let go. I'll release it after the shift.


Yes, lately you often leave the workshop and go out among the people. What leads you to this?


Like I said, I love my job. But I'm also just a clamp and I need to relax sometimes. That is why I go here and there to meet people, to spread my wisdom.


Is that why other clamps voted you as their spokesperson?


I wouldn't say directly voted. You know, clamps are under pressure all the time. I want to lead by example and show others that you can live differently. And I'm doing well. I already have a few followers. Between us, in the position of the speaker, we take turns with our brothers. Nobody knows it anyway. After all, we are similar types.


To the wise men who pass on. Where do you gather inspiration for them?


Such a clamp spends a lot of time at the workshop, as a result of which it also catches a lot of wisdom. Engineers are interesting people, so I've heard a lot of interesting things during my career. It would be a shame not to pass it on.



(Editor's note: Mr. Upínka's wisdom is definitely worth attention, you can find them mainly on Facebook and Instagram.)


Author: Petr form JC-Metal