I asked Mr. Clamp to think about the field of engineering, the field that gave him life, his role and importance in the Czech Republic. Here come his lines.


For a few hours, I clung to the computer and tapped an article on the keyboard with a pressure screw about the past, present and future of Czech engineering. Hope you like it, have a nice time and good luck!


The history of industrial production in our territory dates back to the times of Austria-Hungary. At that time, almost three quarters of all industries in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy were concentrated in the Czech lands. During the First Republic, it developed even more and Czechoslovakia thus ranked among the most industrially developed countries in the world.


After 1948, private enterprise in our countries underwent very dark times, which led to its complete, but fortunately temporary, end. Regardless of the political situation, however, our industry continued to prosper relatively well. The market reopened in 1989 and the business boom in the 1990s. Small and medium-sized enterprises (including JC-Metal) began to emerge, many of which are still operating successfully today and are indispensable for the Czech economy, as they account for 60-80% of employment.


Industry in general plays an irreplaceable role in the Czech Republic. It employs about 30% of all economically active population and has the highest share in the corporate economy of all 28 countries in the European Union. The most important branches of Czech industry include the metallurgical, chemical, food and engineering industries.


And the latter falls into the industry with the deepest roots. Among the world wars, Czechoslovakia was one of the ten most important engineering powers.


Czech engineering has maintained its importance to this day and plays a key role, especially in the production of vehicles.

For several years now, the automotive industry has been one of the most efficient and important branches of the Czech economy, accounting for almost 25% of industrial production and exports.



However, we can also boast of representation in the production of locomotives, tractors, motorcycles, public transport vehicles, ships or even aircraft. And we can't forget about car manufacturers! For example, I consider our clamping floors to be a real masterpiece. Who would have thought that from the production of clamps, we will eventually participate in lines for testing electric cars. We have gained a lot of experience over the years, so we are happy to offer good advice and services in mechanical engineering.


Other important branches of engineering in the Czech Republic include the production of machine tools and forming machines, electrical or energy equipment and much more. It is clear that the engineering industry is simply doing well in our country. The Czech Republic has a long tradition in this field and thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, it is a very attractive country also in terms of further investments.


I believe that we will maintain this trend in the years to come and we will advance and further develop our field so that we can continue to be proud of being engineers.


Author: Petr from JC-Metal